Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Heart Connection!

Time for another Compassion assignment :) This one involves writing about this beautiful video about a happy little boy called Judah who has a mum who loves him very much. :)

Judah's mum talks about her experience with Judah needing to have open heart surgery and how grateful she is that they were able to get this so he could grow up into a wonderful little man who is full of love and life. :)
She then mentions that there is a staggering number of children who are loved and treasured by their parents who have preventable health conditions who can't get medical care and don't get the opportunity to grow up into wonderful little people. These parents would give anything for their children to be able to get medical treatment but it just isn't possible - *unless* someone steps in - someone like Everett Swanson - founder of Compassion, someone like Wess Stafford - recently retired president of Compassion, someone like me or someone like you! Someone equipped with Jesus' love! :)

For only $48 (NZ) a month you can be the difference between a family losing a beloved child from a preventable condition and a family being overjoyed by receiving medical care for their son or daughter and getting to watch them grow up! 
You can be the difference between someone's baby daughter dying of malnutrition and someone's daughter having enough to eat and growing up healthy! 
You can be the difference between someone's son having nowhere to turn and joining a gang and someone's son gaining an education, vocational skills and even going to university!
This is not all! You can be the difference between a family living in fear and darkness and a family hearing the life-saving message of the gospel and having the opportunity to put their hope and trust in Jesus - gaining joy and eternal life! :)

It's easy (for me at least) to think that because tragedy happens so often to people in poverty that it does not really matter as much to the families who go through it but that is not true! Everyone, everywhere, loves the same, grieves the same, and needs Jesus the same! :)

Change a life today - for now and eternity! Sponsor a precious child and release them from poverty in Jesus' name! :) 

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