Correspondent Children! :)

For people who have trouble writing to their children (or businesses that sponsor etc.) Compassion International has a great program where the financial sponsor can ring up (or e-mail) Compassion and ask for a Correspondent Sponsor to be matched up with their child.

A Correspondent Sponsor is a volunteer who writes letters to the sponsored child. This way sponsored children get the wonderful benefits that come from being financially supported and relationally supported!

Since I love encouraging people and sharing Jesus' love, mail, and writing I volunteered to become a Correspondent Sponsor with Tear Fund (Compassion NZ) and Compassion US (Compassion Headquaters).

Below are my correspondent children! :D I will be posting on the blog when I get letters/photos/updates from them, as well as when I get stuff from Chinaidine. :) 

Mjeni is my first Correspondent child and she was added to my account on December 20th (2013). I was so excited to get my first correspondent child and I can't wait to get her first letter. I've already written to her a couple of times heehee :). She's 14 and from Kenya and lives with both her parents (yay!); I'm not sure how many siblings she has yet. She likes playing with dolls and playing ball games, hide and seek, jump rope, and running. :)

Rodrigo is my second Correspondent child and he was added to my account on January 2nd (2014). I was excited to get another correspondent child but a little surprised that he was a teen boy, I don't have much experience writing to teen boys! However I heard lots of good things about sponsored teen boys from some friends and got some tips on writing to him so I'm excited to start this new relationship. I've also already written to him too :). I can't wait to get his first letter either! He's 15 and from Bolivia and lives with both his parents (yay!); I'm not sure how many siblings he has yet. He likes Soccer/Football, Basketball, and other ball games - sporty! :)

Salimu is my third (and final for now) correspondent child. He was added to my account on the 6th of February (2014). I'm excited to start a relationship with him and since he's from Tanzania I already have some experience with the country (through letters with another sponsored Tanzanian boy :)). He also has both of his parents (yay!) I'm not sure how many siblings he has yet. He's 11 years old and from Tanzania and enjoys - Group games, Soccer/Football, Bicycling, Running, Reading, Art/Drawing, Singing, Listening to music, Other ball games and Story telling. :)

A week or two ago (around the end of February) I started thinking about adding correspondent children again after a friend mentioned her dreams of writing to lots of kids. I decided that I had the time & money (intl stamps) to write to three more kids :D. I also decided to trust God with them and not to worry about their sponsors dropping them. This time I asked for all girls (I do totes <3 my correspondent boys too though :)). I thought it would take weeks or even months to get assigned 3 more girl correspondents but I got assigned all three of them within a week - on three consecutive days! Sometimes there are a lot of new children that need written to and sometimes there are not that many new children that need to be written too. :)


When I saw Nataly my heart just melted from how cute she is! :) I love my older correspondent kids too but Nataly is just so little and adorable! :) <3
She's 5 years old and lives in Colombia with her mum who is a single parent. I haven't found out yet whether she has any siblings. She's an above average student (wahoo! :)) and enjoys playing with dolls, participating in group games, playing house, rolling a hoop, running, doing art/drawing, and playing jump rope. Nataly was added to my account on Tuesday 4 March ('14). 


Ayawavi was added to my account the day after Nataly (Wed 5th March) and she's 9 and from Togo! :) She lives with both of her parents (yay!) :). I haven't found out how many siblings she has yet. She looks very sweet in her photo :). Her hobbies are participating in group games, walking, running, and singing. :) 


Victoria is from Ghana and she's 10 years old. :) She lives with both of her parents (yay!) :). I haven't found out how many siblings she has yet. She has a very sweet 'almost smile' expression! :) Her favourite thing to do is to play house. :) She got added to my account on Thursday the 5th of March. :)

I can't wait to get to know my new three correspondent children - I've already sent them their first letter :D. I'm excited about the opportunity to encourage them and share God's love with them. :) 

I can't wait to get to know all these guys and share the love of Jesus with them! :-) Another cool thing about the program is that Correspondent Sponsors even get sent out a child pack (with the child's photos and info) and their updates! :) (their financial sponsor also gets the child pack & updates) :-) It's also a wonderful way to be able to help out more children when you can't afford to take more on financially (or even when you can!) :)


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