The Tear Fund/Compassion Connection :)

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I wanted to add this page to clarify the connection between Tear Fund and Compassion :-).
Tear Fund is the New Zealand branch of Compassion International. Compassion International has their headquarters in the U.S.A but there are many partner branches in different countries.

I thought I'd use an analogy to explain the relationship. :-) Compassion International is like the main church service at a church whereas the partner offices are like bible studies at the church.

Compassion International incorporates all of the offices across the world but everything is managed from their headquarters in the US (Compassion US).

All of Compassion's country offices hold to the same core values, structure, mission ideas and level of integrity as their headquarters but they may do some things in a slightly different way depending on which country they are in.

There are two countries that are part of Compassion International but have different names - the one in France and the one in New Zealand. The one in New Zealand is called 'Tear Fund' which stands for 'The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund', Compassion is Tear Fund's main partner but they also partner with some other great charities that help out the poor and vulnerable. Tear Fund was also already established as a charity before they partnered with Compassion so that's an extra reason why they are called Tear Fund and not Compassion NZ.

When you sponsor a child you can either sponsor through your country office (for NZ it is the Tear Fund office) or through the US office. If you sponsor through the US office your sponsorship can be transferred to NZ (or whatever your home country office is :)) , you just need to e-mail them (Compassion US) and ask them too. :) So if a particular child from the US website grabs you and melts your heart then you can sponsor them even if you do not live in the US and they will still be sent through to your countries office (once you e-mail). :)

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