Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jesus Loves Me; A Universal Truth: Compassion Assignment :)

Below I've included a wonderful video clip of children from the Dominican Republic singing Jesus loves me in their native language. Also in the video is a translator who sings partly in their native language and partly in English - I think it's fun to hear the different versions and the happiness on the children's faces is great to see! :) This video clip made me think of how wonderful it is that the song Jesus Loves Me is a universal truth for Jesus loves everyone in the world and God is the god of all people!
What a wonderful thing it is to be a Christian and have a worldwide Christian family made up of so many different people from different cultures and of different ages and different life situations yet all joined together through Jesus Christ! As you listen to the children singing remember that Jesus loves you and it would be wonderful if you would take a moment to pray for those members of the body of Christ who are currently experiencing extreme poverty that they would know the love of Christ through his wonderful word the bible and through the loving acts of his people as they reach out to serve them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Also it would be great if you'd join with me in praying for all those who have not yet accepted Jesus as Lord that they will be blessed by the loving service of God's people and that they will hear the wonderful news of the gospel and come to receive Jesus as their saviour and Lord so that they too may sing with joy and conviction of how they know Jesus loves them.

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