Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mjeni's Photo Update! :)

The other day I logged onto Our Compassion and saw a different face among my correspondent children, I was confused about it until I looked closer and saw that Mjeni's photo had just been updated! She looks much older in her new photo and has an even bigger smile! :) This was my first photo update so it was extra exciting! :)

Here's her old photo - (from about a year and a half ago I think)

and here's her new photo! :) 

Her introduction letter should be arriving soon and I can't wait to get to know a bit more about her! :D


  1. She's obviously entering a rebellious stage- stopped tucking her shirt in!

    1. Teehee! That could be it :) Maybe that's why she's not wearing socks either, they're not cool ;) although her smile is very sweet and not very rebellious looking teehee! :)


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