Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Child Development, Community Blessing! :)

Child development reaches far beyond the individual child that is sponsored. When a child is sponsored the effect ripples out into their family and community. Much like the well known analogy of a single pebble making many ripples on the water, sponsored children makes many ripples in the lives of their community.

Some examples of these ripples are:

  • Sometimes sponsored children are able to teach their parents how to read and write after having been taught themselves at their Compassion project and thus a whole family learns literacy.
  •  Children are also often able to share what they learn about God and convey to their parents how much Jesus loves them. 
  • Through sharing the gifts and joy that their sponsor gives them. 
There are also other even more direct ways in which sponsored children's families are positively affected.

  • The parents or guardians of sponsored children are given educational opportunities to learn about things such as the importance of hygiene or nutrition and the importance of things like giving girls an education. 

Compassion Child centres also do advocacy in their communities, they speak out against things like

  • Child marriage and bride abduction 
  • Domestic abuse
  • Drugs and crime
They also help people in the community to understand the value of things like

  • Healthcare, education, and equality for women. 

Another way that sponsored children impact their community is by attending schools, some schools are only able to run because they are able to get enough pupils because many of their students are sponsored children.

Child development doesn't just develop one child but helps develop whole families and communities which is awesome. :)

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