Thursday, 30 January 2014

Compassion Bloggers In Uganda! :)

This week (and still at the moment - till the 31st) a team of people are in Uganda on the five year bloggers anniversary trip. They've gone back to Uganda, the first country that a team of Compassion bloggers went to and are having some amazing experiences.

They are each blogging daily and their blog posts are addictive! They are a window into another culture, a connection with sponsored children and their communities, and a way to understand more deeply what child sponsorship is and why it's amazing to be part of it.

One of the goals of the trip is of for 400 children to be sponsored in Uganda, so far 109 children have been sponsored - 291 to go! Sponsorship changes not only the sponsored child's life but the sponsor's life too! It is also an amazing opportunity to help the poor and spread the gospel! :) It breathes hope and the news of Jesus' love into a situation and helps children realise that they can have a future and gives them the tools to achieve it! :)

If you'd like to sponsor a child from Uganda (which would be amazing!) click this link:
Even if you do not live in the US you can still sign up through the Compassion US website and then have your child transferred to your country office. :)

You can also follow the blogs and see how far to go till the target is reached by clicking this link:
There's so many great stories here and it is extra exciting to be reading them while they are still over there! :)

I hope you'll be as inspired by these stories as I have been and be encouraged that your help is making a huge difference as well as possibly adding someone else to your family and releasing a Ugandan child from poverty in Jesus' name! :)

Uganda 2014

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