Friday, 27 December 2013

Sponsor Bracelets! :)

My friend Lizzie makes beautiful bracelets that represent each of the countries Compassion works in. She has bought beads from each country that represent the different countries and weaves them together into a bracelet. She is doing it as a not for profit venture but she does get a little profit from each bracelet which all goes into supporting her Compassion International children. 

The bracelets are also a wonderful way to talk about Compassion's work and/or your sponsored children as each bead represents one of the countries that Compassion work in. You can get a get a bracelet with beads representing your specific sponsored children too; for example, if you had two sponsored children, one in Bolivia and one in Tanzania, then you could get a bracelet made with a Bolivian bead to represent your Bolivian child and a Tanzanian bead to represent your Tanzanian child. :) They're also a great bonus reminder to pray for your child/ren. 

I have ordered some bracelets from Lizzie and can't wait to get them, I decided to get beads that represent continents for my bracelets. :) For example, I got a Ugandan bead to represent our African sponsored children (and one of them comes from Uganda too!). :) 

The bracelets are low cost at $1 per bead and $1 per cord for the bracelet so if you wanted a bracelet with three beads on it the cost would be $4. If you live in the US shipping is $2 and if you live in any other country it is $7 (that's the cheapest it could be). Since all the profits go to supporting her Compassion children if you could put in a little extra when ordering your bracelets that is always helpful and appreciated! However just by buying the bracelets at the stated price you are also helping her! :-)

I've included some pictures below of some of her bracelets as well as some of the beads available! :-) 
For more info visit her blog/website - Lizzie's Compassion Sponsor Bracelets 
Thanks for reading! :D

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