Friday, 21 February 2014

The Backstage Hero :)

Today I wanted to a post about a very special person. I wanted to write about him because he is a backstage hero. Here on this blog (and in various other avenues where people know me ;)) I am very passionate about things and love promoting great causes and people easily get the idea about how I feel about things (heehee) but there is someone who is just as passionate and invested in supporting and promoting great causes but he is more quiet (I'm a little on the loud side ;)) and so people don't always know about all the amazingness that is contained within. :)
This person inspires me every day and provides an amazing Christ-like example, he constantly inspires me to become more Christlike (with Jesus' help! :)). He is the kindest, most big-hearted person I know and he is constantly amazing me with his patience, kindness, selflessness and brilliance at everything - seriously the dude is crazy talented, sometimes I envy his brilliance but most of the time I just enjoy it! :) This person is my husband, Eoin. :)

The biggest attraction that Eoin held for me when we were becoming friends (we were really good friends for quite a while before we actually realised that just maybe we should date, all our friends saw it coming but we seriously didn't, it was hilarious!) was his amazing love for God and how that flowed over into an amazing love for people. He embodied the phrase "Live simply so others may simply live" and also spent much of his free time helping people out with things. He also was always on hand to offer a smile and make people feel at ease.
One of the many amazing things Eoin has been involved with for a long time (long before meeting me) was child sponsorship. Since we've been married we've got a 'blended' family of sponsor kids from when we were both single and new additions from after we've been married. :)
Everyone who knows me knows my opinions on child sponsorship (heehee) but Eoin has been very much involved in it from before we met and now we're united together to change lives. Eoin has a passion for helping people and he is also so supportive of everything I have started to do with Compassion International and he gets excited along with me when we get letters, photos, or updates from one of our children.
Eoin loves helping others and loves providing opportunities for others to hear about something great but he does it in quieter ways. One of the ways he does it is by being thoroughly supportive of my outgoing passion, he gets involved in events I plan, he smiles and and says encouraging things when I'm promoting child sponsorship to people. I have a very outgoing passion for Compassion as well as a love of decorating and scrapbooking and Eoin has happily let me take over our house (our bedroom mostly ;)) with photos and drawings and prayer points and other things related to our sponsor kids.
Whenever I come up with a way to be able to help more he gets excited too, even when it means giving up something he enjoys and he often encourages me and tells me how proud he is of all I do with my Compassion advocacy. :)
After two years of marriage, I'm still being constantly amazed at how wonderful, how kind, how patient, how humble, how supportive and how awesome in general Eoin is. :)
To end on a cheesy note (I do love cheesiness!) he truly *is* the wind beneath my wings. :D
p.s. That's us above - he's also the handsomest! :D 


  1. How lovely Jess! I'm so glad for you, you lucky girl!

  2. Looks like you hit the jackpot there on all fronts, Jess! He's a keeper!!!!

    1. Heehee I did indeed! :) Thanks for your comment! :)


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