Friday, 22 November 2013

Welcome! :)

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog to be part of the Compassion International Bloggers network and be able to write about their awesome work as well as writing about the little girl I sponsor through Compassion. :) Her name is Chinaidine Mesidor, she is four years old and she is from Haiti. I’ve only just started sponsoring her so I do not have a photo yet but I will post one on here when it arrives. :) I decided to sponsor her in particular because she had a real look of hopelessness in her eyes which melted my heart and she was also a ‘waiting child’ which meant she had been waiting longer than six months for a sponsor after being registered by Compassion.
The Compassion Bloggers network send out ‘assignments’ once or twice a month (more during September – blog month) so this blog will be updated at least that often but also when I have something new and exciting to share about Chinaidine or just a Compassion related post I feel like making! :)  I've initially put up a few posts as a sort of 'starter kit' and now I plan to build on that with the Compassion assignments and news about Chinaidine. :)
My aim for this blog is that it will help others to learn about the wonderful work Compassion is doing, have fun learning about Chinaidine with me and to share not only about Compassion International but about where the Compassion is sourced from – Jesus Christ! :)
I would love for you to join me as I go on my Compassion International Journey through letters, blog posts, and updates! :-)
Jess :-) .
Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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